First sample production always starts with productibility inspection regardless if it is based on a sample provided by the customer, or a technical drawing or a computed body model. During this inspection we reveal and document any factor that could have impact on the production of the first sample. It is important when making a first sample that we simulate conditions of the expected serial volume production, so we have the opportunity to define – based on experience – narrow cross-sections of future production, which could affect on-time delivery.
Using our Cad/Cam programme-supporting system we are able to make a perfect production process reducing tool wearing and cycle time.


Our success is based on meeting our customers’ needs extremely fast, which starts with an immediate confirmation of the orders. Filing of the product is carried out in some minutes in our company management system, so archiving, capacity planning and raw material requirement planning is carried out automatically or manually in production planning also within some minutes following reception of the order. Due to precise first sample processes serial production can be performed keeping the strictest delivery deadlines, regardless whether it is five-piece or a five-thousand-piece series. Shift journal is done by a self-developed, Linux-based system with touch-screen terminals which allows to maintain an online data flow between the plant and production management furthering the deadline-focused production.